Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Facebook is the scourge of the internet. It’s killing privacy!

That is my answer on this week’s weekly writing challenge-voting question… gosh that’s not a pleasant sentence to read. But let us not drift off topic.

Can you even remember a time on the internet before Facebook? Was there an internet before Facebook? Is Facebook a boon, helping you keep connected with family, friends, and the world, or do you find yourself annoyed with those that overshare, invite you to play inane games, and tag you in photos? Is Facebook amazing or the scourge of the internet?

Facebook: to Poke or to Puke?

I am not a big fan of the development of facebook and all the settings that are now available. Creepy stuff going on… I am talking about the development on purpose because I did like it a lot at the beginning. It does have it’s benefits such as finding and talking to “long-gone” friends, but we do question ourselves why did it had to come so far?! Why are we “forced” to use facebook to find and contact old friends? Should’t we be (on a regular basis) in contact with our friends? How close could these “friends” posibly be?! And how on earth can a regular person have about 600 “friends”? Please don’t get me wrong, I am a very open-minded person and I do like to interact with people of different backgrounds, but you cannot call someone your friend just by clicking on the button “add as friend” and not even knowing that person in real life.

We should rather focus on people that surround us, on people that make our day a better day, not by liking one of our posts or pictures, but by keeping us company and lending an ear in difficult circumstances; and most important: being part of our life, enjoying every fun moment and every single laughter.

ImageOne of the things that I cannot stand at all are people that confuse facebook with their diary. Seriuosly people?! 😀 I do not want to know what you are doing every single hour of your life, I do not what to know how you are weeping about how terrible your life is at this moment. If you need a friend, my dear friend and if you want to talk about something, just let me know, I would be happy to talk about it while sipping a cup of coffee.

Ohh and talking about things I don’t want to know, that also counts for severeal thousand pictures of people partying “hard” or certain girls nearly wearing anything. You are aware of the fact that “everybody” can see your pictures and not only you?! 😀

I don’t want people to feel attacked, but I just cannot understand how some handle their privacy with nearly no respect. Like Erica in the Social Network Movie once said: “.. but the internet is written in ink, not with a pencil”. Think about it 😉
To summarize all these bad thoughts about facebook … I do have to confess that I also use this platform to communicate with friends, but not exclusively. Being a student you can definitely profit from it, by interacting with studybuddies in groups where you can share files or arrange meetings. I also like to use it as an “updater” on certain companies. It is much more easier to be informed on one platform at once, not needing to go to visit every single homepage.

Soooo my dearest “friends” I hope I was able to communicate how I feel about facebook.If not, I am truly sorry.  Maybe it’s because of my English. 😀

But to describe it in one word… facebook it’s like an ACCIDENT – “You don’t really want to look at it (be a part of it) but you also can’t look away/avoid being a part of it!”

Take care!