The beauty or freedom


Weingarten Baggersee

After three weeks of “may I call it hardwork” I finally had some sparetime to enjoy the hot weather outside. That is why my coolest and loveliest roomy (on the entire planet) and I decided to make a miniroadtrip to Weingarten, a little location near my hometown.
We took our bikes and drove about 12 km. That took us unfortunately way to long since we weren’t quite sure in which direction we should turn on every crossroad. And seriuosly … There were nearly nooooo signs that directed the way to that location. But thanks to nowadays high-tech equipped smartphones and the GPS feature we were back on track. To our defence I have to admit that the roads leading us to the lake were some country lanes that were surrounded by maize fields.
Finnally there we picked a spot, where we spread our stuff and jumped right into the water. It really wasn’t that cold like I was expecting it to be.
I have to point out that the area arround the lake is really nice designed. There are playgrounds for children, beach volleyball fields, barbecue areas, even a restaurant for the lazy ones and most important restrooms.
While I was laying in the sun and enjoying the lovely atmosphere I realized once again that the little things in ones life do make everything worth it. One doesn’t need fancy cars or other random stuff that you can buy with money. It is totally sufficient to have your friends by your side, the sun shining on your face, wind blowing through your hair and the necessary inner calm to make through and through happy. That is when I personally enjoy and embrace life the most.

I hope you enjoyed reading my “cheesy” article. Feel free to leave a comment about things that make you happy.
Have a lovely day!

P.s: I’m heading back to studying … Two more finals left.