Pictures of you, pictures of me, pictures of Rom … #day 1

‘A promise made should be a promise kept!’

That is why I decided to take some time, sit down and look through the photographs I took during my holiday in Rom. I couldn’t possibly upload all the photos I took, which were about 1200 by the way, so I tried to focuse on the ones I liked the most and the ones that communicate an idea of how beautiful this city really is.

The first day in Rom was the day when we saw and visited most of the city. Looking back on the locations we visited and on the distances that we walked during that day, yeah you read correctly WALKED :D, we definitely toured half of the city.

Tag 1

Palazzo Massimo, S. Maria d. Angeli, Piazza della Republica, Quirinale

Tag 11

Foro di Traiano, Monumento Nationale Vittorio Emanuele II

Tag 12

Monumento Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II

Tag 13

Foro Romano, Colosseo, Santa Maria Maggiore

Tag 14

Palazzo Barberini, Hard Rock Café, Santissima Trinita dei Monti, Piazza del Popolo

Tag 15

Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, Scalinata Trinita dei Monti

I hope you enjoyed the first impressions. The next four days will follow soon 🙂

Take care!