Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back – Success is built on support

Looking back on what I have achieved so far in my life, I would say that it isn’t anything extraordinary, something that no one else couldn’t have achieved itself…

But who can tell nowadays that he has achieved something extraordinary… in a world where the book of Guinness World Records if full of abstract, yeah even crazy stuff, that no ordinary human would think about trying/doing… but again, no ordinary human would be mentioned in that book.

Now focusing again on my own life… I was born about 24 years ago in a country called Romania. My family has a lower middle class background, but during my childhood I have never missed a single thing. I did have a very happy childhood thanks to the people that always took care of me and gave me the love and support that I needed. Now I am living in Germany.


Always look on the bright side of life

So thinking about my achievements and background I can be proud of what I have done so far, graduating from high school, going to a good college, but most important of all sticking to the plan :D.

I always had the need to set up plans with certain goals. Like this year:

– pass all 9 finals (check)

– get an internship in logistics (check)

– get a “holiday job” (check)

– travel to Rom (check)

This has worked out so far. But to be honest I wouldn’t have achieved all of this without the support from my family and friends!

That is why I would want to THANK YOU ALL for being there for me every single time I was having doubts!!! Thank you for remind me who I am, where I am and where I want to go!
Thank you!!!

P.s: sorry for being that sentimental 😀

Take care!