Being a bad blogger …

I feel quite bad about not keeping my promise to upload some of the photos I took in Rome and writing in detail about the journey.

I know one shouldn’t try to justify the actions taken, but right now I am at my parent’s house where I don’t have the hard- and software that I would need in order to upload the missing posts.

I also suffer of a minor lack of time that blocks my inspiration from spreading out :D. This due to the fact that I am not just visiting my parents, but also helping them out and working 8 hours per day. Not that I am complaining, just pointing out 😉

But don’t worry my dearest followers… I’ve already written a quite long to-do list that I will work off as soon as I get home. I also took my camera with me, just for the case that I come across something beautiful that is worth of being captivated. In the meantime I will try to bore you to death with random stuff that I have on my mind.

Take care!