1,000 words…


Sitting there by herself, waiting… For someone or for something. For changes? No one knows.
Strangers, young and old, passing by, looking at her but still no one really cares. No one wants to know why a little girl sits by herself on a carousel with no one to take care of her. No one wonders who is supposed to look after her and where her family might be.
She behaves calm, her face a mirror of her soul, showing how less she knows of the things that happenend and do influence her future. The things she will soon find out about, the words that will tremble up her world. A place where she has been safe all these years.  She, a 6 years old girl, named Alisha, after her grandmother.
Words… Five or maybe 1,000 words. Written on paper, spoken and heard by strangers. It takes only few of them to change so much. Often they can cheer you up, make your day a happy day, a day you will never forget. But what about Alisha, what about the words that she will hear?! Will they make her day unforgettable?
Alisha looks straight at the woman that approaches her. She has no idea who this might be. She just feels something isn’t they way it should be.
It isn’t the way it was yesterday, when her mom picked her up from the same spot. Alisha knows that because she sees that the tree near the gates of her kindergarten makes the same funny shapes of shadow on the ground, the same one it made the day before, when her mom picked her up.
One say that animals sense when the weather is about to change, they also say that they are able to sense an earthquake a few moments before it will take place. But can a child sense that she will hear words that she will probably not understand at the beginning, words that will make her feel confused and bring tears to her eyes as soon as she realizes that yesterday was indeed a special day. Or is it the facial expression of the woman that makes it so obvious that something bad and definite has happened.
Or is it just the fact that she is wearing an police officer uniform. Something you only see in movies and they only show up when something bad has happened. That is a fact that Alisha knows, she saw it herself on TV, while her grandmother was babysitting and felt asleep on the couch in the livingroom. The nights she couldn’t sleep and sneaked out of her room to sleep next to her grandmother because her mother wasn’t home … She was working.
The woman stands now right in front of her, she starts speaking with a very pleasant voice. A much nicer voice than the one of her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Bucher. As soon as the woman takes a longer pause of her speach, Alisha stops thinking of her grandmother and pays attention to the lady. One should always pay attention to the person speaking.
Words come out of her mouth, words that don’t make any sense. Kept in line to form phrases. Phrases about her mother, about a car, about an accident, about her grandmother that is on her way. Words come to Alisha’s mind, 1,
000 words about how yesterday was such a beautiful and a special day, how yesterday was the last day that her mom picked her up from kindergarten, from the carousel she is sitting on. 1,000 words sealed with tears running down her face…

We blog for a million reasons, but in the end we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles.
The challenge is called “1,000 Words” after the famous phrase, but don’t feel that you need to write that much (or that little) — however many words your story requires is the right number of words.

I hope you enjoyed my story based on the picture posted. Take care!