“Her name is ‘ICHI’ and I felt in <3 with her at the first sight … "

I actually haven’t planned to abuse this blog as an “fashion” blog, but this one entry I did have to post/share with you.

This weekend I just felt in love with THE PERFECT leather jacket. How did this come about? Well… I was looking for a new bag/purse that I could carry to work, now that I’m doing an internship at one of the greatest automobile manufacturer, but ‘unfortunately’ it went the way it always goes, I couldn’t find one single bag/purse that matched my needs and didn’t cost a fortune.

Instead I came across a leather jacket. The one that I was looking for for months.

We all know how it feels like when you finally spot that one thing that you were searching for desperately, the one thing that you don’t even have to try on but still know that it will perfectly fit :). I guess I now know how Carrie Bradshaw felt when she met Mr. Big for the first time or everytime she bought some new pair of Manolo BlahniK shoes.

The jacket is from the Pre Fall Collection 2013. It is made of genuine lamb leather, very soft, straight on the front and asymmetrical on the back. It’s just perfect 🙂 !!!

Here is a link to the homepage: http://www.ichi.biz/index.php

one for the Pre Fall Collection Catalogue 2013: http://issuu.com/blendcompany/docs/ichi_pre_fall13_katalog_issue?workerAddress=ec2-23-22-122-227.compute-1.amazonaws.com

and here is a picture of the perfectly designed leather jacket.

ImageI hope you enjoyed reading about my new obsession that I am wearing nearly every single day.

P.S: I didn’t ordered the jacket online, I just bought it in a little boutique in the town where I live.

Take care!