Spotify meets Logitech z623

I might be the last person who came across spotify and the premium account including its cool features, but nevertheless I am definitely one of the people that enjoy every second of it. Here in Germany we kind of have an limited access to different online music platforms such as grooveshark/pandora. That is why I decided to look for music platforms that can be used in this country and also in offline modus.

Right now I am still in the middle of the 30 day testing phase, but my decision to pay nearly 10 € for the premium account per month for an unlimited and wide-ranged music catalogue has been made. And if I should ever get sick of it, I can cancel my account whenever I want to.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the services of spotify, let me tell you some facts about it:

– three different “services”:

free (for your pc/laptop including commercial breaks, similiar to grooveshark or internet-radio),
umlimited (4,99€ per month – similiar to the free service, but without any commercial breaks),
premium (9,99€ per month, pc/laptop/smartphone/tablet etc. – no commercial breaks and offline modus)

– millions of songs (from alternative to rock’n’roll to hiphop) including preset playlists inspired by different themes

– internet-radio

– userfriendliness

– opportunity to share your playlists, add friends and many more.

for more information just check their homepage:

aaaand to be able to enjoy all the cool songs I’ve bought the 2.1 z623 speaker system from logitech, including two speakers and a subwoofer. The sound quality is quite amazing. So for those who want to savour some nice beats for a reasonable price, just go ahead and give this speaker system a chance. I am not going to bore you with technical facts, since I do not understand the first thing about it :D. Just enjoy the sound!

Take care!

FYI: I have payed myself for all products/services mentioned in this post 🙂