How to make your own diaper cake …

During the last couple of days I was having some of those “creativity days” and since a colleague of mine recently became a daddy I volunteered to create the very first diaper cake in my life.
After collecting some few bucks from all the other colleagues I went in the next drugstore for shopping.
It turned out not to be that easy to buy baby stuff. I spent over an hour loooking for things that I could use for the cake.

Here are the things I bought and the things you would need to create a diaper cake:

– diapers (1 package for newborns (1) – 25 pieces and 1 package for mini (2) – 45 pieces)
so in total you would probably need about 70 diapers for a 3 level cake.

– cardboard ( 3 different diameters, I just used a big plate as a template for the first/largest level)

– wrapping paper (for wrapping the cut out cardboard)

– foil ( to wrap the finished diaper cake in it)

– tons of ribbon (fine – to tie/fix the rolled up diapers, and wide- to fix each level so that the diapers don’t fall off)

– stuff you can decoreate the diaper cake with (for example: some pacifiers, baby bottle, baby shampoo/powder/bath stuff, duck thermometer, some cuddly toys, spoons, … )
just buy everything that might be useful and that looks cute and colorful.

and of course some scissors, tape and maybe someone that helps you roll up those 70 diapers :).

Things you could buy

Things you could buy

Now regarding the procedure, first of all you should start by rolling up all those diapers and like I said it would be much easier if you have a helping hand that could either roll and hold or tie the diapers.
After doing that just cut three different sized round cardboard shapes and wrap them entirely with wrapping paper.
Start by positioning a big bottle of baby shampoo or baby oil (whatever you have bought) in the middle of the largest piece of wrapped cardboard. “Surround” that bottle with several diapers and fix these by tying them together. Maybe use some of the space for other baby stuff you have bought like baby powder or a cuddly toy.
After finishing the first layer go on by cutting out the middle part of the second cardboard. The hole needs to match the baby shampoo bottle you used earlier for the first layer. Try to make it robust!

I just hope you guys can understand what I am trying to tell you. I just forgot to take detailed photos of the process itself.

Decorate the second cardboard with diapers and baby stuff and maybe use a second bottle of baby bath stuff or what ever you have bought to extend your middle part.
The entire thing (cardboard plus those two bottles) without the decoration parts should look similar to a cake etagere. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Go on by finishing the last layer and decorate the diaper cake with all the baby stuff you have left.
Wrap the wide ribbon around every single layer and finish of with a loop/bow.

Finally wrap the entire diaper cake in foil and tie the foil with some fine ribbon.

And taaaaaaaaadaaaa here are some pictures of my pinky sweety diaper cake:

Diaper cake 1

Diaper cake 3

Diaper cake 2

Diaper cake 4

Diaper cake 3

Hope you can tell how cute it turned out and enjoyed reading this blogpost! If you have questions just go ahead!

Take care!!!

Ps: The entire diaper cake costs about 70 €.