Have you met …

Merle Kolb, a newcomer artist that does stuff.

The following post is about a drawing that Merle made, I bought and is now hanging in my room.
I truly love this wonderful piece of art and I can guarantee you that it is surely an eye-catcher in my room.

– Merle I do hope you do not misunderstand me and you are not mad at me that I somehow try to analyse your drawings, it is simply just the way I see it –

What I love about her way of drawing/sketching/painting is the simplicity you find in her portraits, that at the same time capture your attention entirely. I mean, just have a look at the drawing of “Rachel”! It is amazing and so settled, but clearly full of emotions. I would say that not many people are able to express so much with so little effort.



P.s: NO I don’t get payed for this post or for mentioning her art, she is just a good friend of a good friend that is very talented and her work needs to be carry out into the world. So go ahead and have a look at her facebook page
https://www.facebook.com/Merle1989 and ZeigeDeineKunst (=ShowYourArt) page https://www.zeigdeinekunst.de/zdk-portal/userProfile/show/17066 .


Oh and sorry about the “crappy” quality of the picture – it’s a snapshot taken with my phone.