Healthy breakfast on a sunny day

Healthy breakfast on a sunny day

Healthy breakfast on a sunny day

You will need:

– 2 eggs
– a sip of milk
– 150 grams mushrooms (you could also use other vegetables if you are not a big fan of mushrooms)
– 50 grams ‘feta’ cheese
– 100 grams lamb’s lettuce
– 200 grams tomatoes (use the mini ones)
– a little bit of butter/ oil
– salt, pepper, chilli
– olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Brake the eggs in a bowl and unite them with a sip of milk. Put the bowl aside. Meanwhile cut the mushrooms in slices and brown them in a pan with some butter/oil. Add some salt and pepper. When your done take them out of the pan and put them aside.
Now take the egg mixture and pour it into the pan. Do not stir! Set the stove on medium heat. Let the mixture “cook” for a few minutes and while it is still quite liquid add the mushrooms and the diced ‘feta’ cheese to it. Cover it for another 2 minutes. Add salt, pepper and chilli according to your taste :).

For the salad you will have to wash the lamb’s lettuce and tomatoes. Put the lamb’s lettuce into a bowl, quarter the mini tomatoes and add them to the lettuce. Add salt, pepper, chilli, olive oil and balsamico vinegar in order to create a yummy dressing for the salad.

And that’s it! You’re done!
Bon Appetit!

P.s: I was so hungry while I was preparing my breakfast that I forgot to brown the mushrooms 😀