The world would use the term *take away*, we Germans prefer *to go*

3 terms, 1 meaning – not quite sure about that …

I did some research and it seems that the term “take away” or “take out” are being used on a regular basis. “Take away” appeares to be more British and “take out” more American/Canadian, but they are both used as nouns in a sentence.
That being said, there is only “to go” left. How does a ‘I am on the run and have no time to sit down and enjoy my lunch’ food consumer expresses his urge of taking his food with him correctly!?!?!
Here in Germany you would say “to go”. But where exactly do you want your food to go to!? And more important how should it get there: by car, plain or bus!?
It would be sooooo cool and nice of you to leave a comment and share your thoughts on this topic … Maybe I am the crazy one 😀

Take care 🙂