Things I should definitely never ever forget to do …

  1. Leaving the house without my headphones – You do have to know that I am that kind of person that always, and by always I literally mean ALWAYS, listens to music.
    I am definitely not a morning person… as grumpy cat would say: “I hate morning people and mornings and … well people!”
    No seriously guys I can be quite difficult in the morning if I don’t get a certain amount of time to acclimatize to certain situations, which in this case would be the trip to work by train.
    Trust me… there are a lot of strange people that have even stranger conversations early in the morning and you do not want to be witness to these kind of conversations and behaviour.
    Simplest solution for this issue: Place a pair of headphones in both handbag and jacket.
Miniature Traffic

Miniature Traffic

to be continued …

Take care!
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