Caught in my early twenties, but still suffering of the “Peter Pan” syndrom

Let me tell you something… Last friday I was in the need of some stuff from the drugstore. Just random things such as plasters, headache pills and some face cleansing products. So instead of going to the drugstore, lazy me, myself and I just ordered (the things that I was talking about in the sentences bevor) online. It was a great deal and I still had some coupons, so I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

But that is not what I was going to tell you. I have obsered a quite funny thing about me. I had the choice of buying the normal, you know boring package of plasters or take the colorful a bit more childish version of it instead.
Well guess what, I am suffering of the “Peter Pan” syndrom :-D! I took this package


At least I am now prepared to overcome every tiny papercut ;-).

Take care!