THE packing list for my trip to Andalusia (Spain)

A friend of mine, whos name I shall not reveal yet (just me being mysterious) and I decided we should escape from the crazy stressful daily routine and take an eight day trip to Andalusia, the southern region of Spain.

Course of the route: first stop Malaga, followed by Sevilla, Cadiz, Ronda and flying back from Malaga.

It’s going to be a backpacking tour, nothing fancy, but more of an outdoor cultural thing.

This is the first time that I am doing a backpacking tour, so I thought it would be quite helpful for those of you who are curious to see the things I decided to take with me.

– Deuter Futura 32 backpack (a big thanks again to my friend for borrowing me his soooo cool-like backpack)

Deuter backpack Futura 32

Deuter Futura 32

Useful stuff:
– zipper bag for fluids you will carry on in your hand-luggage
– “first aid kit” (medicine for headaches, sickness and patches etc.)
– small handbag just in case your going on short sightseeing trips (you don’t always want to carry the “giant” backpack with you)
– SLR case ( at best with a rain cover) including my lovely Canon 600D
– makeup bag
– spectacles case
– chargers
– headphones and smartphone (forget to include them in the picture).

useful stuff

useful stuff

The zipper & make up bag will contain the following makeup items (please keep in mind that there are things I cannot go on a trip wihout) – as well as a comb, items of the “first aid kit”, contact lenses and accessories. Just don’t judge 😀

makeup items
Shower gel, tooth paste, shampoo & conditioner can be easily bought at the destination and shared with your trip buddy.
Since we are flying only with hand-luggage and razors are not allowed I will definitely have to buy some “one-way/usage” razors.

Regarding clothing you will have to compile your selection based on the weather during your stay.
There will be about 26 °C in Malaga, that is why I will definitely take a bunch of shirts and tops, two pair of shorts, a pair of light fabric trousers, but also one or maybe two sweatshirts (for our stay in Ronda, where it might get cold), a scarf, some headbands and maybe a rain jacket (just in chase).

Don’t forget to take at least two pairs of different shoes if you are going to walk a lot.
In my backpack I will have a pair of mocassins and flipflops – both very comfortable.
Also pack a towel and a pair of sun glasses :)!



The outfit that I am going to wear during the flight will consist of a pair of stretchy skinny jeans, a hoody, a scarf, a pair of trainers and a rain jacket – basically all the clothing items that take up a lot of space.

And last but not least don’t forget to print out your travel documents (booking confirmation for the hostel, check-in confirmation, travel guide, bus tickets etc. ), ID, credit cards and all the stuff you should definitely not lose!!!

P.s: ALWAYS have some cash in your wallet (at least the amount of money that could take you to the next ATM) 😀

Hope that was helpful for you!

Take care!