Ready … set… go! Let the backpacking trip begin

ready set goHello dearest unicorn friends

before ‘spreading’ all the coolest impressions on my blog that I collected during my backpacking trip to Andalucia I thought it would be quite helpful for a starter to talk about the flight, acoomodations and the route itself.

As you all know I live in Germany, in a cute town where a lot of students live and party hard, but at the same time a town that fortunately is not that far away from an airport situated that accommodates the low-budget airline Ryanair.

Taking advantage of this strategic move, we were able to fly to Malaga and back to Germany for quite a low budget, not even 70 €. Booyah! That of course if you only take hand luggage on bord… and since we didn’t needed much for survival 😀 and all we took fitted into two backpacks, we were good to go.
The transportation from both city centers to the airports took place by bus and was again quite favourable.

The route we decided to do was as follows:

Malaga – Seville (about 206 km)
Bus tickets (23,42€) – Supra Economy, WIFI on board 🙂
Bus company ALSA
Journey time – 2 to 3 h, depending on traffic

Seville – Cadiz (about 123 km)
Bus tickets (13,45€) – Standard, WIFI on board 🙂
Bus company T.G. COMES
Journey time – about 1 1/2 h

Cadiz – Ronda (about 149 km)
Bus tickets (16,16€) – Standard, WIFI on board did not work 😦
Bus company T.G. COMES
Journey time – about 2 h

Ronda – Malaga (about 102 km)
Bus tickets (10,76€) – Standard, no WIFI on board
Bus company ‘LOS AMARILLOS’
Journey time – a little bit more than 1 h

You can easily travel from town to town by bus in Andalusia. All companies are reliable, safe and nearly all dispose of WIFI on board. All buses travel regularly during the day and on a daily basis. Just keep in mind that exceptions regarding the schedule might occure due to national holidays and on sundays.

And here is a picture of the route  created via Google maps (German version :D)
I also listed all the places where we stayed overnight.
The staff in each hostel/hotel was very nice and helpful. Especially if you try to communicate with them in Spanish. The rooms, including shared bathrooms and kitchens were always clean.  The only negative sideeffect I could point out is the fact that the accommodations might be quite sensitive (regarding noises).

We booked via and stayed mainly in hostels with exception of Ronda where we booked a room in a hotel.





In hopes of giving you some helpful input I am saying good bye for today, not without wishing you a nice evening and ‘demanding’ you to …

… Take care!

P.s: If you have any kind of questions regarding the trip, don’t hesitate to ask.