Backpacking trip to Andalusia #4 stop Ronda


Dearest unicorn friends,
do you know what I’ve realized while scrolling throw my latest blog posts?!
YES! Ahaaa! You don’t say!
I’ve totally forgot to post about the last stop we took in Andalusia, which was Ronda! Seriously guys?! You have to tell me stuff like that. You know that I am very forgetful :/
But as old people say: Better late than never!

IMG_4952neu IMG_4978neu
Let me begin with telling you some facts about Ronda. It is one of the typical white villages in Andalusia situated in a very mountainous area. About 700 m above sea level they told us.
It doesn’t have that many attractions as Sevilla or Malaga, but it is a very rustical tiny town with lots of narrow streets … where, as I heard, even well-known writers such as Ernest Hemingway spent summers just to inhale some of the inspirational air of Ronda.

IMG_4988neuIMG_4984neuIMG_5015neu IMG_4990neu IMG_4994neu IMG_5004neu

The three bridges Puente Romano, Puente Viejo and Puente Nuevo frame the village.

Standing on the bridges one can see on the one handside the white houses that gave the village its name and on the other handside a breathtaking abyss.

IMG_4954neu IMG_4965neu IMG_4942neu
Oh let us not forget about the “downtown” where we had an amazing meal for less than 8 Euros including paella, chicken with salad, dessert and a Spanish cold beer.  I am not sure if it was San Miguel or Cruz Campo. Nevertheless both taste great!

Here is a picture of the Piazza de Socorro the place were most of the restaurants, bars and other food stores are located.IMG_5084neu
The Corrida Goyesca (I guess it is called) is the oldest bullfight arena in Spain. I have no idea if they still use. Probably not! It is more of a unique and historical place to visit now. IMG_4924neuIMG_4931neu

I hope you enjoyed this last entry about my trip to Andalusia. All in all it was an amazing time! The people that I’ve met and the places that I’ve seen during these few couple of days will always remain marked in my memories 🙂

Take care!
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