Welcome to Ekhagen

For a starter I am going to show you where I will live for the next couple of months.
Ekhagen is a tiny and quiet part of Jönköping, situated in the north-eastern part of the city. There is not much to see, besides wonderfull spots of nature, some playgrounds and schools for children and even a small ski piste. But there is a Lidl, a Konditori, a pizza restaurant and close by the famous A6 Center, where you have tons of shops and IKEA.

The red circle you can see in the ‘Google-maps’ screenshot shows where the International School of Business is located and the other red mark where Ekhagen is. It is a 5 km distance by bike. The bus needs about 15 minutes to drive from my bus station to Rådhusparken (nearest bus stop to the university). After getting of the bus I have to walk for another 5 minutes to get to the university.




Here are of course some shots of Ekhagen and the surroundings. Those gray buildings, you see on the left side in the first picture, represent the apparttments of students that study at the Jönköping University.


The following photos came to life during one of my hiking journeys in Ekhagen.

IMG_5292 IMG_5293 IMG_5294

There is the Lidl (on the right hand side) and the, well let me call it post office/busticket and newspaper boutique 😀 oh and we shall not forget the bus station. Länstrafiken being the company that operates the entire public transportation in several regions of Sweden, including Jönköping.IMG_5299 IMG_5300

And this is the highway you get to see if you go by foot towards downtown. There is a small bridge for pedestrians and bikers that goes above the highway.IMG_5301

Final… an unbelievable beautiful view which I get to enjoy every single afternoon, walking home after a quite stressful day at the university.

IMG_5308IMG_5310 IMG_5313

Take care!
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