Jag vill lära mig svenska!

I want to learn Swedish!!!

Unfortunately I haven’t been admitted to the Swedish course for international students at my university.
Probably because I kind of forget to apply in time for the course, or let me put it this way: I indeed applied quite late for the course.

And since I am really keen on learning at least some basic Swedish sentences, I have been looking for an app that could help me accomplish my intention.

During my search I have come across “fabulo” – learn Swedish.
I have been testing it for the last couple of weeks and I really enjoy using it. Why do I like it?

– it’s fun and free!

– the platform is really nice (using pictures), there are different categories which you can choose like numbers, first conversation, colours etc.

– you can see your performance (in %) for each category and for altogether

– there are different exercises that help you memorize words such as learning single words, arranging words in the right order etc.

– the right pronunciation of single words and even sentences is being read out loud while exercising

– the only downside is that it has no grammar section where the grammar rules that apply to the Swedish language are being explained, so you do have to learn the words as they come.

So if you have some sparetime while driving to school, university or work and you want to learn Swedish, give this app a try.
P.s I have managed to order my first kanelbullar and kaffe at a restaurant and even got praised for my attempt 🙂

Take care!