Day trip to Astrid Lindgren’s World

Hello dearest unicorn friends,

last weekend some friends and I went to Vimmerby to visit Astrid Lindgren’s World.
We all know and most of us grew up with “Pippi Langstrumpf/Pippi Longstocking“the girl with the red hair, freckles, colorful and not matching socks and clothing,
and “Michel aus Lönneberga/Emil in Lönneberga” the little blond cheeky monkey.

FYI: In Scandinavia they all call Michel for some reason “Emil”. That is what I want to believe. Probably he was just being called “Michel” back in Germany, because one assumed that “Michel” would be a typical Scandinavian name, compared to “Emil”, which sounds through and through German.

Vimmerby is only one and a half hour drive from Jönköping and the scenary surrounding the road leading there is very beautiful. We at least counted about 10 lakes on your way there.

Astrid Lindgren's World

Astrid Lindgren’s World


It took us nearly 5 to 6 hours to inspect every single spot of the theatre and theme park. Here we were able to see, visit and experience all the characters we once grew up with. The houses standing there were built with plenty of detail and true to the settings known from the books and the series.

IMG_5554_neuIMG_5555neu IMG_5561neu

You can also meet the characters, since they perform scenes from the books. We even watched two theatre performances: “Michel/Emil” and Pippi Langstrumpf/Longstocking.
Looking around during these two performances it was wonderful to see that not only the children were enjoying the performance but also seniors and people our age as well.



Theatre Performance - Michel/Emil

Theatre Performance – Michel/Emil

IMG_5705neuTheatre Performance - Pippi Langstrumpf/Longstocking

Theatre Performance – Pippi Langstrumpf/Longstocking

The funniest thing about the park were the parking lots for the baby carriages :).
It is indeed a great experience for the entire family and for every single visitor regardless of the age!
Little kids get to spend the entire day in a world full of phantasie and adventures and experience  a lot of fun stuff, while adults as well as seniors have to change to go back in time and relive their childhood aside from Pippi and Michel/Emil.

IMG_5593neu IMG_5594neu
According to the homepage the Astrid Lingren’s World is open daily starting with the 16th of May and ending with the 30th of August. After that you can still visit the theme park on weekends in September as well as some specific weeks in October and November.
Entry: 250 SEK/person
Parking: 40 SEK
Gas: about 340 SEK in total (depending on your car).

IMG_5652neu IMG_5690neu

Before heading home we had a stop in Eksjö were we had Fika in this small and cute café.


To sum it all up it was a great experience and I am going to definitely take my niece, sister and her husband to the Astrid Lindgren World as soon as they come and visit me :).

Take care!
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