A view of the city Oslo

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during my stay in Oslo/Tomter I have been to the wellknown “Sculpture Parc Ekeberg”.  To be precisely Ekeberg is a neighbourhood in Oslo. So if you are talking about the park you should add the words “Sculpture Parc” to it so everybody knows you were visiting the wonderful parc and not only the streets of the neighbourhood.

The parc is located in the northern part of Oslo, on a quite high point and standing at the edge of it you can overlook the entire city. Being able to even see the Holmenkollbakken – a large ski jumping hill where the Winter Olympics were hosted in 1952 when it is not clowdy. If you own a good SLR with an awesome zoom lens you can probably even take a shot of it.IMG_5853Neu
We got there by car so to be honest I have no idea how to get there by public transportation, but I am quite sure that there is some bus going up there. If not, why don’t just walk to the parc, maybe on a sunny day?! Afterwards you will sure not be needing any workout!
For people traveling via car, they have installed a parking area where you don’t have to pay any fees! Quite nice I would say, and quite rare in a metropole like Oslo.

There is a mini farm, where children can interact with animals such as goats, ponies, chickens, ducks etc.  Kids can even ride a horse or a pony if they are in the mood of doing that, however this is not for free. I guess the entrance costs about 40 NOK and if your child wants to go for a ride then you would have to pay for the ride some extra money.IMG_5925neu IMG_5996neu
Across from the “farm” there is also a playground with some futuristic climbing facilities, a gigantic swing and other fun stuff for kids.IMG_5942neu
While walking through the park there were several sculptures of many different artists. I didn’t photograph every single piece, – knowing the artists – therefore I will just show you some highlights I have come across while exploring Ekeberg Sculpture Parc.IMG_5858neu IMG_5914neu IMG_5905neu IMG_5903neu
And finally the wonderful view of Oslo!
Breathtaking isn’t it?
IMG_5865neu IMG_5874neu IMG_5878neu IMG_5883neu
The weather wasn’t the best but sunny enough to capture some of Oslo’s beauty 🙂

Take care!
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