Quinoa tryout recipe – “Red Quinoa Apple Cinnamon Dessert”

One will require:

– 50 grams of red Quinoa (“Keen-wa”)
– one apple (or some apple compote, bananas will work too – to be honest the fruit just doesn’t really matter, what ever you fill comfortably eating)
– twice the amount of water or milk
(after you have weighted the Quinoa, put it in a cup to see how much water or milk you will need, keep in mind to take at least twice the amount)- some agave syrup (depending on your sweetness-level)
– a dash of lemon juice
– some cinnamon (only when you are a big fan of cinnamon, otherwise just leave it out)

1. Peel, “clean” and cut the apples into smaller pieces
2. Boil them together with a little bit of water and a dash of lemon juice for about 5 minutes and when done put them aside
3. Wash the Quinoa and together with the double amount of water cook slowly (15 – 20 minutes)
4. When 3/4 of the water “vanished” add some agave syrup and cinnamon
5. As soon as the Quinoa is done (no water left in the pot) put it in a bowl, add a teespone of strawberry jam to it and put the apple chunks on top of it. If needed and desired add some cinnamon and your done 🙂

Quinoa Apple Cinnamon
Bon Appetit!