Weekly Photo Challenge – SIGNS

Good morning dearest unicorn friends,

it’s definitely time to take part to another “weekly photo challenge”-project , haven’t done this in ages :)!

So this week’s challenge it is all about communicating via sings, not using words … no not at all, just using the power of visualization and the perception of the readers/receivers.

Here is a small collection of all the signs I’ve captured during the last couple of years and trips that I took all over the world. I am still missing some Russian and Asian ones in my collection ;). Need to catch up with that!

Street sign in Sevilla

Street sign in Sevilla (Andalusia)

Villa VilleKulla - "Villa Kunterbunt"

Villa VilleKulla Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby (Sweden)

Chicago - Lake Forest

No Swimming Sign at Lake Forest (Chicago)

Art studio sign

Art studio sign in Cadiz (Andalusia)

Prohibition sign in Germany

Prohibition sign in Annweiler (Germany)

Locations sign in Malaga (Andalusia)

Locations sign in Malaga (Andalusia)

One can surely see how different each sign turned out to be.  Depending on the culture, the country and/or even the region within a country features completely differ depending designs and displays of signs.

I hope you enjoy this one!
Take care!
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