Pork fillet with carrots and zucchini aside

What you will need:

– about150 grams of pork fillet
– one carrot
– half of a zucchini
– salt and pepper

Cut the fillet into strips that are about 1 1/2 to 2 cm wide and fry until golden brown. Turn from time to time. When nearly done season with pepper.

Use whatever sort of oil you prefer.

Parallel to that roast the diced or sliced carrots and zucchinis (apply which ever method you prefer) but just keep in mind to roast the carrots first for about 5 minutes…. After that add the zucchini. Don’t forget the salt and the pepper.

Et voilá your carb-free meal is done 🙂


Pork fillet with carrots and zucchinis aside