Some Norwegian flair – Sightseeing in Oslo

Hello dearest unicorn friends,

as I already told you I was for a weekend in a small town, village near Oslo. Therefore I had the opportunity to spend some time in a beautiful breathtaking city called Oslo.

The first thing I saw after getting out of the train that was going from Tomter to Oslo and walking for a few minutes was this huge and amazing park. It is located right at the back of the palace/castle, where the royal familiy lives. I guess that part of the Palace Park is actually called “Spikersuppa”, at least that is what Google Maps shows me.
Please don’t kill me if that is not true 😀

IMG_6002neu Clearly after going through the Spikersuppa I ended up having a glimpse of the royal palace. Quite neat, nothing extraordinary but still fancy enough to be identified as a palace.

IMG_6006neuIMG_6031neuWhile walking through the streets of Oslo there were many cute and outstanding little details such as sculptures that enhanced the city with a nice flair.

This is a picture of a cute little wooden bench in front of a café.

This sculptures of different men working was standing in front of the town hall, right next to the harbour. The picture right after this one shows the “skyline” that includes the town hall building (the red one on the left hand side of the image). The shot was taken from the harbour.

And last but not least this cute and fluffy “man-size” Moose right at the entrance of the souvenir shop where I got some postcards, magnets and some other small things for me and my family/friends.


Talking about the harbours, as you already know by now I am a huge fans of cities that have an harbour.
There is something about this place that just relaxes me… I don’t know why! I wish I will sometime have the chance to actually work at a harbour 🙂
IMG_6095neu IMG_6086neu IMG_6129neu
To be honest the most beautiful place in Oslo is the “Festung Akerhus” and the amazing view that you get from up there.

IMG_6152neuIMG_6118neu IMG_6139neu

My last stop before taking off back to my beloved “hometown” Jönköping in Sweden, was of course the Opera House. Unfortunately I did not have the time to actually enjoy a play in this outstanding designed building… but you never know, there are enough days left for travelling and Oslo sure is a city that I would happilly visit again! The last picture I am going to share with you was taken from the roof of the Opera House. It represents the “Barcode Project”. Just some fancy buildings lined up in a way that it makes them look like a barcode. And yes you read it correctly you can actually walk right up to the top of the Opera House. But please be careful and keep your eyes open, there are just a few steps on the side to walk up and the way they designed the patch where there are no stairs you can easily trip and break your neck :/.

IMG_6167neu IMG_6197neu

Take care!
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