5 things you always wanted to do for Halloween … but never got to that point

1. Create your own awesome DIY Halloween costume and put on make-up that goes with that awesome costume
Before Halloween youtube is the place to browse through milliions of videos and just spent hours of your precious time while looking at random people dressing up for Halloween. There are really cool ideas on that platform! Here is just a sample of my favorites:

– Pixiwoo (Frankenstein Monster Halloween Make-up, Halloween Tutorial Chucky)

– Nikkie Tutorials (Creepy Clown, Halloween Female Joker)

– Emma Pickles (Edward Scissorhands, Cabine in the woods)

– KlairedelysArt (The Seven Deadly Sins Series – Greed, Easy “Catrina” sugar skull, …)

– also my personal favorite TheSorryGirls (DIY Black Swan Halloween Costume)

and many many more :))

2. Go “trick-or-treating” eventhough you are not a little kid anymore
Just picture the face of the people opening their doors, expecting a cute little girl dressed as a princess or an adorable little boy dressed up as batman to stand in front of their houses trick-or-treating … and there YOU are .. a grownup dressed as the Black Swan or a crazy pink clown asking them for sweets :D. Wouldn’t that be a scenary. I would like to tape thoose people’s reactions.

3. To be in the US while Halloween takes place
and enjoy all those festivities, decorations and all the Halloween awesomes that comes along with the celebration. I would definitely go with the flow!

4. Carve out a pumpkin. To be honest I don’t know why I never did that. It should be quite easy.. go to a shop get a pumpkin and carve it out… somehow I never had the time. Or I try to tell myself that I never had time… Well I still got some days left untill Halloween, maybe this is one thing that I will be able to cross off this list.

5. Decorate your house in the most cheesiest way possible, bake all kinds of Halloween specialties such as pumpkin soup & pie, creepy cupcakes and snacks (e.g. Baking with Blair: Spooky Snacks) etc. and buy a Yankee-Candle with a spiced pumpkin scent to make the place smell like Halloween 🙂

Take care!

(Features Image Source: http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/halloween-tree-on-graveyard_755886.htm)