Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got salmon in my tummy

Hello hungry unicorn friends,

today I will share with you one of my easy, fast and quite healthy recipes I like to cook when I am hungry 😀

You will need
– 250 gr of wild pink salmon fillets
(actually any kind of salmon will do )- some whole-grain couscous
(depending on how hungry you actually are, but let’s go with 50 gr for the start)
– 5 mushrooms
– 2 carrots
– 200 g of broccoli
– 2 tomatoes, some salt&pepper and some olive oil (that are not included in the frame)

Take the salmon out of the package, slice the tomatoes and put them in a “bowl” or in a baking tray. If needed put some aluminium foil underneath the ingredients so they do not stick to the bowl, tray or what ever you used to bake them. “Spread” some olive oil and season everthing with salt and pepper. Please use tools that are appropiate for the oven, we do not want to set things on fire!

IMG_6207Insert everything in the oven and let it grill/roast for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the heat you have selected (there are instructions on the back of the salmon package) I unfortunately have this small oven that does not have a temperature setting so I cannot tell you which temperature to use. Check if the salmon is done before eating it!

Now while the salmon is in the oven prepare the couscous salad. Peel the mushrooms, carrots and clean the broccoli. Slide the veggies in small pieces. By using a tiny amount of olive oil and some water, cook the veggies in a pan. First the carrots and broccoli and after a while add the mushrooms.

Prepare the whole-grain couscous by adding some water, olive oil, a “spritzer” of lemon juice and salt and pepper to it. Add the veggies in as soon as they are done. Stir all the ingredients together.

Place the couscous salad and the salmon including some tomatoes aside in a fancy way on the place and voilá your yummy and healthy dinner/lunch is done :)!


© 2014 OanaDanciu