Hello November

Today is one of the many days where you just want to grab your cup of coffee some cookies and snuggle back into your bed and sleep or just watch funny movies until that beautiful moment arises where the sun decides to show up again.

Unfortunately this has been this way the last couple of days. But that is what they all say about Sweden and autumn… the days become shorter, the rain is a constant companion, so the best thing to do is to try to deal with it 🙂 maybe even embrace it!

Here is my interpretation of the autumn season in Sweden (photo taken in Gränna):

NobvThere is certainly a good thing you get out this situation.. you love those rare moments when the sunrays warm your face even more and you definitely behave like a sun worshipper: remaining still, closing your eyes, looking up to the sun and capturing the momen for quite a while :D.

Take care!
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