Gränna – Tradition and longforgotten landscapes

Hej hej dearest unicorn friends,

there are only a few days left until I will embark the plane and be on my way home. Can’t wait to see my family and friends! It have been ages!
Before doing that I still have to write some exams, hand in some case studies and projects and think about the masterthesis that I will start writing in February … lots to do!

To keep my going I use each spare day I have to go out with my new collegueas and explore Sweden. A few weeks ago we went to Gränna – a cute and tiny city where the well known minty candy Polkagris comes from.

The town has nearly as many candy shops and cafes as houses in which people actualy live. So we went to the shop that still has its own candy factory within the shop. Here so insight photos




There are no huge highlights you really have to see in Gränna but the overall impression of the small town was a nice one.

One can visit the church that is located near the candy store or just walk around, sit in a neat cafe and make fika or just walk to the shore and test how good your hairspray really is. The weather was insane when we were sightseeing!





Literally if felt as being in the middle of nowwhere but in a very peaceful way 🙂 We guess that it was because of the weather that nowone besides us was at the shore.

Somehow I have the impression I see this boat everywhere! Just a couple of days I saw it in Jönköping at the “harbour”, well surely the man or woman owning it travels a lot 😀

One cool thing still kind of happened – we got to see the ferry. Standing there like little kind and starring at that huge monstrum arriving from Visingsö (the island next to Gränna).


Take care!
© 2014 OanaDanciu