One day trip to Gothenburg (Göteborg) …

Hello dearest unicorn friends,

around the middle of November (yes I know I have been negleting you guys with updates) my best friend, let us call her A, came to Sweden to spend a couple of days in my new “home-country”.

During these days we’ve been traveling to Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Virum Moosepark. Furthermore we’ve been exploring the beautiful town where I study, Jönköping. We only had a couple of days to explore the surroundings so we used the available time the best posssible.
As we all know the weather in Sweden isn’t always the sunniest but nevertheless let me show you some highlights of Gothenburg (Göteborg) first 😉

Fish Market

Fish Market

The most interesting food we were able to find was the so called “Hagabullen” a humongous Swedish cinnamon roll. Both my friend and I weren’t able to finish it all up eventhough we were quite hungry.
Here is the place were you can also find this tasteful dessert – Café Husaren.



IMG_6369neu IMG_6372neu Another highlight in Gothenburg (Göteborg) was Liseberg. This place – one of the leading amusement parks in Europe is being turned into a winterwonderland beginning with the middle of November. Lucky us this took place during the weekend that we were already staying in Gothenburg.


Liseberg entrance

IMG_6411neu IMG_6408neuLater that evening in Liseberg a figure skating performance of “The Snow Queen” took place. Although it was raining we stayed to enjoy the show. We definitely did not regret it.
Around 7 pm we took the bus back to Jönköping, happy with our achievements .. and went straight to bed.

Take care!
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