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today I am in a quite chatty mood so I thought it was at the time to share with you my latest awesome news! As already to be understood from the heading … *drumroll* yes I happily announce that I am one of 20 students from the Nordic and Baltic countries that will take part in the Bosch Nordic Experience!!! I am totally looking forward to this event!!! So awesome isn’t it?

Now if you don’t know what the Bosch Nordic Experience is, let me first tell you all about it. Unless you don’t want to read my thoughts on it you can surely go straight to the website and check all the details provided by Bosch directly – WEBSITE.

I assume some of you are still here, so I will go on with my chat 🙂

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As written above the Bosch Nordic Experience is a very cool opportunity for students from the Nordic and Baltic countries to get to know a lot of information about Bosch Rexroth and the plant in Mellansel, but also the change to prove themselves in a case competition, that will incorporate some of the “real life” challenges that Bosch Rexroth has to face nowadays.

The entire experience will take four days, two days are planned for the journey to the destination and back home, one day for the plant visit and the case competition and one day for the adventure, where the students get to explore the attractive mountain landscape surrounding both Mellansel and Örnsköldsvik on snowmobiles.

Route Bosch

Travelling from Jönköping to Bosch Rexroth Mellansel AB (Source: Google Maps)

How did I came across this event?
– I came across this event thanks to the awesome Student Union of my University in Jönköping, that posted this information on their Facebook page.

How did I apply?
– I than immediately went to the Bosch Nordic Experience and applied. The only thing one had to do was to type in some personal information about yourself… you know all kind of standard stuff such as full name, email & phone number, university and simply answer the following three questions:

1. How do you image your future employer?

2. What interests you most about Bosch?

3. What is your contribution to the Bosch Nordic Experience?

Last but not least one had to describe his/her personality by using three words and share his/her social media activity websites such as blog, Facebook, instagram, twitter etc. The reason behind this was the fact that the winners of the competition will act as brand ambassadors and use their social media websites to share their experiences with friends, family and other people interested in Bosch.

What happened after the application?
– After filling in the application form and sending it to Bosch I just had to wait a couple of weeks. The answer came just in time on the 9th of January and it was a positive one. I received an email that invited me to a short telephone interview. Only 70 students out of hundreds received that invitation. And only 20 out of those 70 got the chance to really go on the Bosch Nordic Experience trip. I really feel lucky and pleased with my achievement.

At the same time I would like to congratulate the other 19 students that made it and tell them that I am really looking forward to meeting you guys and spend some awesome and challenging days together.

Right now I am waiting to get in contact with the Event Planning Firm that will take care of the entire organization of the event, which will include the transportation, the stay, the accommodation & the winter equipment :).

When will the Bosch Nordic Experience take place?
– The Bosch Nordic Experience will take place starting with the 26th of February 2015 (which is a Thursday) and ending with the 1st of March 2015 (which is a Sunday).

I am really excited to be part of this experience and can’t wait for the journey to begin.

Bosch worldwide

Screenshot Bosch Worldwide Homepage (Source:

For further information about Bosch Sweden & Bosch Global here are the link’s to the Facebook pages and the websites.
Bosch Sweden Facebook:
Bosch Sweden Website:

Bosch Global Facebook:
Bosch Global Website:

Disclaimer: Yes the event is entirely sponsored by Bosch Sweden, regardless of this everything I am going to write down (on my blog, facebook, twitter, instagram account) will represent my personal opinion and thoughts on the Bosch Nordic Experience.

So keep coming back for more updates 🙂

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