Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself!

Today’s photo challenge is all about expressing yourself. So I was thinking …what better folder of photographs should I comb through than the one that contains all the shots taken in Bucktown – Chicago (Illinois, USA).

Bucktown is definitely my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. It has a quite vintage, but at the same time edgy and modern look to it.

express yourself

WPC – Express yourself!

This shot with the sign “Riots not diets” definitely suits the heading/topic “Express yourself!” of this week amazingly :).

Going in a more serious direction, people worldwide lately did have the need  to express themselves and their rights by going on the streets and protesting. Some protests went peaceful and “smooth”, but some unfortunately did not so much.
However I find it remarkable that people express themselves in so many different ways and I guess street art is one of the ways that I like the most, since it gives me the opportunity to capture it and pass it on.

I really don’t want to get too much into a serious topic, but I hope you guys like my pick. Let me hear your thoughts on it!

Take care
© OanaDanciu