My thoughts on – “What people who take naps truly understand about life”

What people who take naps truly understand about life
(Source: HELLO GIGGLES, Author: Sammy Nickalls)

Hi there Sammy,

congratulations on the awesome blog entry! I simply loved the way you designed the article and wrote about how awesome naps truly are … and just to quickly answer your question: NO, you are not the only one :)!

This morning I woke up and the first thing I came across on my social websites was Sammy’s article. Funny fact is that my best friend and I – while we were skyping yesterday – just had a talk about naps, how amazing they are and how frequently they seem to take place in the middle of the examination period.


Here are some highlights of the article written by Sammy (the order has nothing to do with the significance of each bullet point):

1. How weird you feel after taking a nap and recognize that it got dark outside
This seems to happen quite often to me. Mostly during wintertime, where the daily sunlight hours aren’t that many after all. Since I moved to Sweden things got even worse. During December it started to darken between 1 and 2 pm – which corresponds to my normally napping time. Therefore every single time I napped longer than half an hour I woke up in darkness :D. I just hate that disoriented feeling you get when doing so. I always need some time to gather my thoughts and figure out what just happened. I normally ends up with my staring at my watch not wanting to believe that it’s only 3 pm!

2. How you are awake in the middle of the night due to the fact that you nap so much
There is no worse feeling than being unable to fall asleep at night. Yes the daily nappers surely know how that feels, when your body feels sleepy because you’ve been working out and your mind – which feels refreshed – just finds thousands of thoughts to embrace that keep you awake. We all know how that vicious circle ends up… You feel so tired the next day that you decide to take another nap and so on.. seems like it never ends :)!

3. Children are not in the position to appreciate the awesomeness of napping time
Every single time I feel the urge to take a nap, but for some reason I am not able to – classes, work what ever comes across my desire to nap – I think of my niche. She is four years old, she still has the daily privilege to take a nap and I simply envy her. YES it came to the situation for me to envy a four-year old! But don’t we all do it?! If I could go back to the tiny version of myself I would tell little Oana to appreciate EVERY SINGLE nap she can possible take! 🙂

Okay dearest friends.. those were my thoughts on the article, be sure to check out Sammy’s awesome ORIGINAL article 😉

Take care