Photo a day – Day 45/365

What better way to ‘celebrate’ St. Valentine’s Day than sharing with you guys a photo of my collection that represents not only one specific promise made out of love, but the promise of thousands of people all over the world …


Photo of the day #45

One tradition in Cologne, Germany seems to have taken its own shape in the last couple of decades – attaching love locks  to the Hohenzollern Bridge.

It is an act of love – performed by two love birds (regardless of their gender) either at the beginning of their hopefully long-lasting love or as a symbol for their already for years happening ‘amour’ – to ensure and re-new their everlasting love. The lovebirds normally fix the padlocks to the railing of the bridge and then throw away the key. Preferably the key need to be thrown into some lake, sea – what ever kind of water one can find nearby. Good for the lovebirds, the Rhein river is located right below the bridge ;)!

For more information about the tradition, go check out this website: ‘What to do in Cologne?’

Take care