Quick Update No. 2 on Bosch Nordic Experience

Hey there everyone,

today I’ve received some quick updates regarding the schedule for the upcoming weekend and I thought – since I was in kind of a writing modus – to share that with you!

#Bosch Nordic Experience

#Bosch Nordic Experience

As I already mentioned, the Bosch Nordic Experience journey will start on Thursday, the 26th of February. I guess I will wake up quite early in the morning since I have to take the train from Jönköping all the way to Stockholm, Arlanda – the place where the airplane is located, that will take me to my destination – and then fly all the way up to Umeå.

All candidates will be meeting at the airport in Umeå. We are going to be picked up by two Bosch Nordic Experience team members and travel by bus to Örnsköldsvik, where the hotel is located. Round about 9 pm in the evening all persons involved in the Bosch Nordic Experience will be meeting for dinner to get to know each other :).

The second day, 27th of February, will be spent in the Bosch Rexroth plant in Mellansel, where the winners of the Bosch Nordic Experience will first have a plant tour and later on engage in the case competition.

On Saturday, the 28th of February we are going to enjoy some nice outdoor action, where we get to drive snow mobiles and other ski activities.

The last day in the Northern part of Sweden will be quite short, since all candidates have to say their goodbyes and travel back home. While enjoying the last breakfast together, one short recap of the entire Bosch Nordic Experience will take place.

I am truly looking forward to this entire weekend! A huge thanks goes to Bosch Sverige/ Bosch Sweden for making this happen ;)!

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As always, I will keep you all updated!

Have a nice weekend and take care!