Quick Update No. 3 on Bosch Nordic Experience – Final preparations

Hello dearest friends,

the day has finally arrived – I am on my way (well at least while you are reading this blog post) to Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel, to attend the exciting Bosch Nordic Experience event! As promised, I wanted to give you a quick update on the things I am going to take with me on my journey.

Backpack, beautybag, JIBS overall, and travelling bag.

Backpack, beautybag, JIBS overall, and travelling bag.

My backpack contains mostly valuable things, electronical devices and some snacks I will take on board with me and didn’t want to store in the travelling bag. This also includes my documents and travelling papers. Since I am role model – when it comes to being a student (just kidding 😛 ) – but also due to the fact that within three weeks I will be writing my finals, I decided to take some learning material on the journey with me. I will surely have some time during the 4 hour train travel to look at the files and recap what we’ve discussed so far during lectures. And if – for what reason at all – I do not feel the urge to recap, I can still devote my attention to the master thesis.
Let us not forget the winter cap and my cute mint green calendar – something I take with me everywhere!

Backpack & Calendar

Backpack & Calendar

The red-white striped object on the picture below is just my beauty case that contains – you know – girl’s stuff. Since I have no idea which hygiene products will be provided by the hotel I decided to take most of the products I use on a regular basis.

Final preparations

Final preparations

Beneath that green overall – that most of you guys are probably wondering ‘what, why, how ?’ – is my travelling bag, where I’ve packed a sweater, a blouse, some tops, thermal-underwear 🙂 (for the outdoor activities), a pair of jeans, an iron, a tripod, a pair of gloves etc. The actual winter outdoor activity outfit will be locally provided by Bosch Rexroth 🙂

Thanks Bosch!

Now let’s talk about the green overall. The green overall represents the outfit during the kickoff week at the Jönköping International Business School (JIBS). Every school has its own colour: JIBS is green, JTH (School of Engineering) is yellow, Health School is white, Teacher School is red and Communication School is blue. Nearly every event that students attend will be rewarded with a patch that one can stick to the overall ;). So I was thinking, what better way to represent my university in a more visual way that bringing along the JIBS overall?! I hope I get the chance to wear it!

IMAG0895If you want to read more about the Kick-Off at the Jönköping University have a look at the Student Union Webpage. There are also some videos on youtube, again provided by the Student Union.

I hope to have access to Internet and I will try to keep you up to date with all the happenings (instagram)

Feeling really excited about this weekend! I will do my best to represent the university and also myself in the best possible way! Keep your fingers crossed!

P.s: Sorry for the ‘NOT-Awesomeness’ of the quality of the images. I was using my smart phone, due to the fact that I was just to lazy to take my camera out of the backpack after nicely stowing it away.

Take care,