Bosch Nordic Experience – Case Competition Day

Friday, 27th of February (2015)

The first day of the Bosch Nordic Experience (BNE) that took place in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) started with a tasteful breakfast at the First Hotel Statt. We could choose from different sorts of freshly backed bread, several variations of eggs, corn flakes, fruits, juices, coffees and pancakes :)! It was truly an awesome start in the day!

The rooms in which each two persons were accommodated were very cozy and nicely decorated. P.s.: don’t freak out if the manager of the hotel tells you the creepy story of the ghosts running around the hotel. He pointed out that they are very friendly, unfortunately I didn’t meet any.

Room First Hotel Statt

Room First Hotel Statt

Just to give you some background information about the hotel: The hotel was build back in 1913, therefore the interior and the decor of the hotel have a very nice vintage touch to it. The pianos and the chandeliers were my favourite pieces. Just check out the website of the First Hotel Statt for further pictures and information.

This Friday was all about the case competition all 20 participants of the BNE were attending. We all gathered in the lobby of the hotel and took our own private bus to the Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel. After a warm welcome and the introduction of the program, all 20 participants engaged into some ice-breaker activities to get to know each other much more better.
A presentation of the Bosch Company followed that ended with a quiz. Here we were divided into four team, where each of the teams was provided with some books “Bosch – 125 years – Invented for life” and a tiny Bosch today booklet that should support us in finding the right answers for the 20 questions we needed to solve. The winning team got to keep the “Bosch – 125 years – invented for life” books.

Since we were in Sweden, and we all know what Swedes love to do, we headed out in the Bosch Rexroth restaurant to have some FIKA. Here are just a couple of shots I’ve taken.


BNE participants & Bosch staff having some FIKA #1

BNE participants & Bosch staff having some FIKA #2

BNE participants & Bosch staff having some FIKA #2


BNE participants & Bosch staff having some FIKA #3

The day at the Bosch Rexroth Mellansel continued with a short plant presentation and on-site tour. We were divided into three teams so that each participants could get more out of the tour by interacting and engaging into specific questions with the managers from Bosch Rexroth that showed us around.

BNE participants and Bosch Rexroth staff in Mellansel

BNE participants and Bosch Rexroth staff in Mellansel (Photo credits go to the cool camera guy)

Since we were quite hungry after visiting the factory and overwhelmed by all the new things we’ve found out about Rexroth in Mellansel, we decided to have some lunch. We definitely needed to “refill out batteries” in order to perform adequately during the case competition that was to follow!

Case competition background information: The case competition was about Bosch Rexroth biggest order that has been received so far. This order was almost twice as big as the biggest order so far. It consisted of 46 motors and 32 drive units which were supposed to go to the world’s biggest pulp factory (APP – Asia Pulp and Paper) in South of Sumatra, Indonesia. The products provided by Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel should be used for wash presses, digester, imp bin and HP-feeders.

The task was to image being part of the project team of Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel. Each of the four groups needed to plan and discuss the biggest challenges of the project. We should also keep in mind that Bosch Rexroth is responsible for the installation and the start-up of the products at the customers’ site. There were only 120 minutes given in order to complete the task.

Team Extreme - Working phase

Team Extreme – Working phase (Photo credits go to Lisa)

One of the groups presenting their results

One of the groups presenting their results (Photo credits go to Lisa)

After working on the case in groups and have some more FIKA, all four groups had to present their findings within a five-minute presentation. Later one each individual group received some feedback. Even though all groups did an awesome job on planning and discussing the biggest challenges of the project, there was only one winner – Team Extreme!

Team Extreme - Winner Team of the Case Competition

Team Extreme – Winner Team (f.l.t.r me, Boris, Lisa, Björn, Christoffer) of the Case Competition

We said our goodbyes to the local Bosch Rexroth staff in Mellansel and head out back to the hotel. After a short break and some time given to do some touch ups we gathered for a common dinner. The common dinner took place in a different place, decorated with a bunch of Chesterfield chairs and couches – located not that far from the hotel. There we were served some unbelievable delicious food that is typical for Northern Sweden.

Comfortable Chesterfield Chairs

Comfortable Chesterfield Chairs

Delicious Northern Sweden Food

Delicious Northern Sweden Food

In order to socialize a little bit more and laugh some more, the Bosch staff decided to initiated the start of an awesome game. Divided in four groups, the participants were in charge of coming up with some amazing plays that were performed in front of the others. There were no limits set to ones imagination and we got some backup from the Bosch staff itself. It was really funny to see how fast each group performed different kinds of plays starting with some attempts of making music by just using a couple of beer bottles up to performing entire broadway shows. It all ended up in hilarious laughing and an amazing time!!!

Bosch Nordic Experience Participants (Photo credits go to

Bosch Nordic Experience Participants (Photo credits go to the cool camera guy)

This day was in deed a unforgetable experience! To be continued …

Take care,