Photo a Day – Day 76/365

Hello friends,

this day’s photo of the day is dedicated to the well-known and merrily celebrated St. Patrick’s Day!
A few year’s back (in 2012) I was attending this celebration in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have to say, it was an unbelievable experience, the town was turning into this greenish loud and funny place, in Germany we would say “Ausnahmezustand” – state of emergency! 😀

The “Downtown Parade” and the “Dyeing of the River” are two things you should not miss, if you happen to be on the 17th of March in Chicago. These two activities take place in the morning/noon:

  • around 9ish am the community of Chicago dyes the Chicago River with pounds of eco-friendly vegetable dye. The powder however first seems to appear orangey, but later on turns into this amazing emerald-green color you can see on the pictures.
  • and around 12 noon the Parade takes place. As far as I am informed it starts at the Columbus drive and goes all the way down to the Monroe Drive. Please be patience with me if I’ve provided you with wrong information =/.

To blend in during that day just wear any kind of clothes that are green. You can also accessorize your hair with some funny hats or wear a onesie, to be honest nobody cares how fashionable you look.. It is all about having fun, enjoying the nice weather (yes I  had an amazing spring weather) and drink a couple of beers in some Irish pubs.

Surely there are several other awesome events you could join, just keep your eyes and mind open and enjoy the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day :)!

St. Patrick's Day Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day Chicago

Take care