Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

Hi dearest friends,

I know … I am quite late with my entry for this weeks’ photo challenge, but I had a quite busy week & weekend. Who would have guessed that during my last semester of my master’s program I will have so many things to take care of. (me being ironic 😛 )

But nevermind that is not the topic of this blog entry!

This blog entry is all about EPHEMERAL – a word that describes how somethings lasts just for a very short time, as stated by the online ‘Oxford Dictionaries’.

Thinking back to all the memories I’ve encountered in Sweden I think the one that was definitely beyond belief was when I took part in the moose safari and got to kiss a moose :). It was definitely an ephemeral moment!

Haraldme kissing HaraldWhat about you guys? What was your ephemeral moment? And have you ever tried to kiss a moose? 🙂

Take care