Photo a day – Day 137/365

So I have a lot of funny and “crazy (in a good way)” friends, but there is this one particular friend that I’ve met in Sweden that kind of set the bar quite high when it comes to craziness :D.

Since he is a sneaking follower of this blog and kind of somehow wants to be part of it. I quote: ” […] yeah your followers would have a piece of B.”. I asked him if it would be okay to put a picture of him as one of “Photo a day” – project photos and he agreed.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you Mr. B (no, not Mr. Big from Sex and the City) the funniest Swede I have ever met!

Photo a day #B. analyzing some Water Values

Photo a day #Mr. B. measuring Water Values

Take care
©Oana Danciu.