Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

Hello dearest unicorn friends,

this week’s photo challenge it is all about the meaning of the word “enveloped”. If you picture the first meaning of that word that pops into your mind, a letter wrapped in an envelope should be the result.

Now based on the explanations provided by dictionaries “enveloped” stands for:

(1) To wrap, enclose, or cover
(2) To surround.

I thought to take it a step further and share something that is quite special for me. The mini collection of bracelets that are “wrapped around” my wrist. Each is special to me and more or less “encloses” happy and meaningful memories!

WPC #enveloped

WPC #enveloped

What does “enveloped” mean to you?! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

P.s: if you want to get a “f*ck cancer” bracelet here is the link to the shop where I got it. It’s for a good cause and you can choose between a white and a black version. Also they carry many other articles 😉 (This is not sponsored, no collaboration, just me creating awareness!)

Take care
©Oana Danciu.