Weekly Photo Challenge – Roy G. Biv

Hello dearest friends,

today’s weekly photo challenge is all about colors… and guess what “Roy G. Biv” stands for?! It stands for the following seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

For those of you who are quite surprised and feel like they have missed out on something the last couple of years, don’t worry this was something new for me too :)! But that is the beauty of life: You live and learn!

So here is a shot were you have more or less all seven colors integrated in one picture:

Roy G. Biv in one shot

WPC #Roy G. Biv in one shot

And here is a collage of some of the shots I have already presented within my “Photo a day 365” project:

WPC #Roy G. Biv

WPC #Roy G. Biv as a collage

So what are your thoughts/intrepretation on/of Roy G. Biv?!

Take care
©Oana Danciu.