Weekly Photo Challenge – Door

For this week’s challenge, all bloggers that want to publish a new post should focus on a photo of a door or even many doors! The imagination has no limits. Additional to this maybe a quick info about how the colors, size, shape and texture including all details of that particular door might influence the entire picture.

One should tell a story …

Photo a day #153 Subyway NYC

(1) Door to another place (subway)

This shot was taken in New York during my short but amazing East Coast Trip, where my roommate and I travelled for around 10 days from Chicago to NYC to Boston, to Montreal, to Toronto and back to Chicago.


(2) Door to a place where new things are created (workshop)

This black and white photography was taken in Gränna (Sweden) a cute small town/village where the well-known Polkagris candies originate from. It shows the door of a private workshop for candles that welcomes visitors in.


(3) Door to a happy place (pub)

This picture was shot in my most favorite city in Germany, namely Hamburg. One of my best friends used to have a poster of the “Onkel Otto” pub in her living room and after seeing it I was determined to take a shot of my own of the place – having this as a result. Not that bad I would say!

Photo a day #Wall of Stone

(4) Door to a dark and unknown place (dungeon)

The last image of a door that I want to share with you guys was taken in Cadiz, a cute, traditional small city in the Andalusian region in Spain. I am certainly not sure what the purpose of this door originally used to be, but I quite like the way the blue skies contrast against the white brownish colour of the stones.

Hope you liked the post and let my know what your door collection looks like!

Take care
©Oana Danciu.