Weekly Photo Challenge – SYMBOL

Hello dearest friends,

some of my posts tend to begin with an excuse. This seems to take place whenever I have not been on time with my posts due to me being away for a longer period from my beloved computer…

Even though I am quite late with this week’s photo challenge, I would still want to share with you guys my thoughts on what the word SYMBOL might mean to me and what I associate it with at this moment.

An appropriate definition of the word SYMBOL in connection with the photograph below would be the following:

“[…] something used for or regarded as representing something else;
a material object representing something, often something immaterial; emblem, token, or sign.”

(Source: Dictionary.com)



For me this bracelet does not only show support, but also represents the fight that some of us unfortunately have to face in order to live a normal life. It shows courage, it shows compassion and it let’s the people in need know that there are others that support them in any way possible!

Take care
©Oana Danciu.

*Just in case you would also want to support this cause use this link (CLICK).
By the way there is no cooperation or sponsoring with UNG CANCER/F*CK CANCER and I’ve paid for the bracelet myself.