Photo a day – Day 209/365

So lately (only a couple of days/weeks – well who counts anyways?!) I’ve started reading a new book. Being all inspired after watching the original Swedish movie I have decided to give the author a chance and buy the book.

To be honest I normally don’t proceed this way arround. The usual way of me taking in a story is by buying the book, reading it, loving it and maybe watching the movie afterwards just to figure out that – as usual – a book is better than a movie.

Whatsoever, the book I am talking about is assumingly called “the hundred years old men that climbed out of the window and escaped” in English – I suppose that is the correct translation of the following “Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann” by Jonas Jonasson, but please feel free to correct my mistakes!


So far I’ve only managed to read exactly 110 pages. Yes I know, shame on me!!! but to my excuse I have been really super duper busy and also these 110 pages have given me many happy moments even while taking a train and laughing out loud while strangers wondering if I have lost my mind! 

Just in case this book turns out to be shitty, which I don’t think it will be the case I shall let you know. Till then just assume that this novel is amazing and worth your time!

Take care,
Oana Danciu.