My thoughts on moving, having my first own place & redecorating

Hello my dearest friends,

so I thought it might be the right time to sit down with you guys and just quickly update you on my life. Due to the “Photo a Day” project, which I still enjoy doing, I kind of neglected sharing my thoughts and ideas in a written way. A reason why this blog post should compensate for the lack of words.

For a starter let me tell you that due to my professional activity – YES, I’ve got my very first job after graduating!!! (#beingsuperthrilled) I moved from South to North Germany and for the first time in my life I’ve got my very own apartment. Not that I haven’t lived outside my parents home for the last six years, but living in a shared apartment or a students accommodation abroad is just not the same. Now I get to decorate and do what ever my heart wishes :).

Photo a day #141 Graduation Day

Photo a day #141 Graduation Day

So moving was really not a simple thing, keeping in mind that for a single household I kind of had a lot of stuff. It was really exhausting doing everything in just one day. My personal advice would be to get a moving firm that comes to your place, carries all the stuff down to the van, drives the van to the new place and carries it in your apartment – especially if most of your friends & family members are on vacation or need to work during that day :D.

Yes, I know a moving company can be quite expensive and it is something convenient, but believe me it safes you time, stress & bruises.

At this point I would want to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to all of the people who helped me move, especially to Miss. A (you know I’m talking about you my dearest) who was there by my side, sweating and laughing all the time. It was a blast! #NachtUndNebelAktion.

Here are some photos taken during the first couple of days after arriving at my new place. Just some shots taken during the time where we were moving furniture around, trying to figure out what should be placed where and simply how to use the space in the smartest way while still looking good. It ain’t that easy, let me tell you that!!!


Moving into my own Apartment #constructionsite

I am really curious myself to find out how the flat will end up looking, so far I still need to get a bunch of things to make a home out the flat. As a priority on my list I have written down:

  • vintage convertible sofa – which needs to fit my retro style that I am going for, something that turns out to not be easy at all to find
  • curtains for the bedroom & living room
  • carpet/rug
  • prints – for creating my own personal “Wall of Frames” above the place where the sofa will be settled
  • picture frames in many different designs – cause it needs to look crazy 😀
  • record player & vinyl records
  • etc.

And these are only the big bits and parts that I still need. Don’t get started on the smaller ones. It is funny how quickly you recognize which things you could actually miss in a household, things that your parents/shared apartment household possessed and you never have given a thought about. Those things were just there, and now they aren’t, but you still need them :D. A good example for that would be a dish rack.

I suppose I’ve been rambling enough about moving and having your own flat, now let me show you a small sneak peak of my bedroom reading corner in a retro/vintage style which I absolutely love!


Redecorating #1 Bedroom

Redecorating #1 Bedroom- tiny sneakpeak

Oh, just a last quick tip for those of you who also want to go for the more vintage/retro style – don’t go out to expensive designer furniture stores to get that “new wanna be retro style”, but rather look for flea markets or just in case you live in Germany use “ebay Kleinanzeigen” or “schwarzes Brett”. Be also cautious with what you buy on a flea market, cause some people have figured out that the used/vintage/retro look sells and try to literally take you “for an idiot” and selling you their junk for a lot of money. Just be careful with what you are paying your money for, don’t just go out and buy furniture because it has the retro/vintage look. Simply have a better look at the furniture and be sure of buying good quality stuff!

There are also a lot of household clearances, where people want to sell old granny’s furniture which in most of the cases is in excellent condition, because we all know that grandma took always good care of her things :)!

To get your inspiration definitely use Pinterest and Youtube. There are soooo many people who are really good at decorating and share their ideas and tips & trick with the internet world. Show them some appreciation :). My personal favorite is Mr. Kate on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed being updated on my life!

Let me know what your thoughts are on moving and owning your first place/redecorating… and of course if you have some tips & tricks on how and where to redecorate just go ahead and share them with me/us.

Take care