Blogging 101 #Intro

Hello dearest friends,

I thought I should use the “Blogging 101” initiative in order for me to have a more appropriate introduction to you guys. My ABOUT section seems – after having a second look at it – indeed quite short of breath:

“Let the journey begin …

… or should I rather say, let’s release all the words that are captured in my mind?!
… no matter which version you prefer, I want to welcome you all to ‘my own little world’ and fell free to leave a comment anytime to any topic, just keep in mind to be nice while doing that 😉

This blog will be filled up  with stories of my life, things that inspire, preoccupy and amuse me.”

Nevertheless I would say that you should never get the impression that you have learned enough about life and there is simply no improvement, then let me tell you something, you will never ever in life have the impression of having seen and done everything .. there is always room for improvements and something new, which in many cases is much more better than the previous approach.

So let me take my second chance of introducing myself, after already practicing this at work for the entire day …

“My name is Joana and I have decided to use this platform/blog to not only share my dreams, expectations of life, inspirations of the day or wishes, but more or less one of my biggest passions in life – photography! To be honest I do not really remember when and how this all started. Probably when I was still little. But back in the days I used to express my creativity by drawing. Sometimes when I am really motivated and have the needed time, I do sit down, take some pens and paper, and still do it. But let us be honest, capturing something beautiful with a camera is much more efficient and easily adjusted to a specific picture hidden in your head than drawing it all from scratch.

Another aspect that motivated myself to actually buy my firm real camera, was a six months stay in the United States. At that time I was only in the possession of a decent digital camera and a smart phone, something one can not really use to take amazing shots. So I went out and got a SLR and everything happening afterwards is simply history – or let me put it this way, it is all more or less pretty well documented within the “Photo a day 365/365” section, a project which is still going on.

Everyone that met me personally kind of knows that I am a very chatty, open minded and energetic personality. I like being surrounded by people, discussing interesting topics, sharing the same “passions & obsessions” and just rambling on about the most random things in life. I love getting to know new cultures and hearing funny and exciting stories. Yes it is all about the small things in life and intangible things – such as once in a life-time moments – one should cherish most.

To be honest I am not entirely sure what will happen throughout time with my blog. I do not want to express certain perspectives or goals, which I might for what so ever reason not achieve, but I suppose I will continue uploading photography related blog posts :).

Blogging 101 #Introduction

Blogging 101 #Introduction

By sharing my passion with you guys I expect you to threat it with respect – just be nice 🙂 – which was never an issue so far. I am definitely not one of the most read or viewed blogs, not even close to that, but still having a moderate base of followers that is slowly growing, gives the feeling of making something right and just keeps me going. Thank you my friends!!! Thanks to all that have given me positive reinforcement and simply shared their thoughts on some of the blog posts I’ve uploaded so far. It really means the world to me to see you enjoying my “art” and showing me your “gratitude” – Gosh this sounds so cheesy! Sorry for that. Using social media and connecting with people who also like to not keep their creativity to themselves is – I would say the benefits of this century – which should be explored to their full extend. So keep the sharing & caring going :D!

Take care