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Bosch Nordic Experience – Case Competition Day

Friday, 27th of February (2015) The first day of the Bosch Nordic Experience (BNE) that took place in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) started with a tasteful breakfast at the First Hotel Statt. We could choose… Continue reading

Quick Update No. 3 on Bosch Nordic Experience – Final preparations

Hello dearest friends, the day has finally arrived – I am on my way (well at least while you are reading this blog post) to Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel, to attend the exciting… Continue reading

Quick Update No. 2 on Bosch Nordic Experience

Hey there everyone, today I’ve received some quick updates regarding the schedule for the upcoming weekend and I thought – since I was in kind of a writing modus – to share that… Continue reading

Quick update on Bosch Nordic Experience

My dearest friends, there are less than two weeks left until I get to pack my stuff and travel for four days all the way ‘up’ to the far and hopefully not that… Continue reading

Bosch Nordic Experience – I am in!

Hello dearest unicorn friends, today I am in a quite chatty mood so I thought it was at the time to share with you my latest awesome news! As already to be understood… Continue reading