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My thoughts on moving, having my first own place & redecorating

Hello my dearest friends, so I thought it might be the right time to sit down with you guys and just quickly update you on my life. Due to the “Photo a Day”… Continue reading

5 Most Important Things to Think of Before/While Having a Personal Job Interview

Hello dearest friends, why not trying to be more serious and talk about a topic that many of us have already thought of after graduation from school, college and what so ever. Your… Continue reading

Mini DIY project: Men’s shirt

Hello dearest friends, So yesterday my friend and I were caught up for some reason whatsoever in the men’s department… And we figured out that some prints that are quite awesome have been… Continue reading

Hello November

Today is one of the many days where you just want to grab your cup of coffee some cookies and snuggle back into your bed and sleep or just watch funny movies until… Continue reading

Back to the 60’s

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Sexual diversity – “Can a curriculum make you gay?!”

Lately there have been some “hot conversations” in the state Baden-Wuerttemberg(Germany) about a new potential curriculum in sex education. The State Pupil Board (Landesschülerbeirat) of the region would like to improve the tolerance… Continue reading

Have you met …

Merle Kolb, a newcomer artist that does stuff. The following post is about a drawing that Merle made, I bought and is now hanging in my room. I truly love this wonderful piece… Continue reading