Opposites #photochallenge

Just in case you might be right now sightseeing in Copenhagen take some time to visit the parliament and take the elevator (#itsforfree) in order to have one of the greatest views of the city.

However don’t get surprised by the humongous “statue” of an polar bear  being literally stabbed … Even though it is a quite shocking image – sorry for that – I couldn’t go by without taking a photograph. It kind of reminded me of the documentary presented by Greenpeace called “Black Ice – the story of the Artic”.

For me definitely a photograph showing the “opposites” – on the one hand a beautiful building with an amazing view and on the other hand this shocking statue showing a bit of reality behind today’s society … think about it and watch the documentary! 😉



Find the original post (photo challenge) right here: POST 🙂

Take care

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